Maritime Medical Services is an international medical supplier of maritime medical services worldwide. The acquisition resulted in the addition of over 100 years of experience, knowledge and expertise in emergency care, specialty areas of medicine and emergency health services on board marine vessels worldwide. Maritime Medical Services continues to operate as a vertically integrated organization, delivering high quality patient care through state-of-the-art equipment and services.

As part of its core responsibility, Maritime Medical Services focuses on the delivery of safe, high-quality health care and emergency assistance to seafarers, their families and their employers. The company offers a full range of specialty programs to meet the unique needs of seafarers, including mental health programs, onshore and onboard rest homes. It also offers specialty programs addressing a wide range of conditions and diseases. Most of the specialty programs are designed to address the unique needs of seafarers, working in a challenging environment that may expose them to a number of common or uncommon risks. The programs improve both the safety and the health of seafarers. Some of the conditions addressed include:

The specialty programs offered by Maritime Medical Services include: Seafarers' Continuing Education (CEC) Programs; Offshore and Inshore Work Health Programs; and Basic Marine Life Support. The objective of the EC Programs is to ensure that seafarers are given the tools, information and training they need to continue working safely on the sea. The Onshore Work Health Program is designed to ensure that seafarers have access to proper health care while working offshore. Basic Marine Life Support programs are designed to enhance nutrition, promote physical and mental health, prevent diseases that can be associated with working in a harsh marine environment and prepare injured seamen for possible surgery.

Disinforming and introducing new technologies and practices to help improve the health and safety of the maritime workplace have become key elements of many maritime organizations. One such program is the "Ready for Sea" project which aims to introduce the technologies and practices that allow for the safe transition of personnel from the ships to the docks. Another program introduced the Ready for Delivery/Inspection (RFD/IDS) program which seeks to reduce emergency preparedness by insuring that crews are certified for on board emergency rescue and other relevant procedures. Other programs are being developed to address other specific issues related to the maritime environment. View here for more info about this company.

In addition to these programs, many maritime healthcare professionals have developed additional courses or certifications to address specific needs of the workforce. Many seafarers feel that the lack of time and resources making it difficult to pursue an education or further their professional practice. However, there are many resource centers and support groups available that have been specifically designed to help those in need. Among these are:
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